Assault Forward

AFFN Proudly Serves Veteran-owned Business: Assault Forward

The Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) is proud to partner with Assault Forward, a Veteran-owned small business, to offer a discount program that provides direct savings to our military and civilian consumers. AFFN Members, AMBA Bank and DCUC credit union participants, partners and processors are eligible for this discount, as well as your employees, volunteers, customers, members, friends and family.

What better way to honor those who serve, those who have served, military families, and proud Americans, than to purchase from a Veteran-owned small business!

  • Accessories and Apparel for Veterans and Patriotic Americans
  • 100% American Made | 100% Veteran Owned and Operated
  • Demonstrated commitment to corporate social responsibility

Assault Forward offers 100 percent American-made products for patriotic Americans and Veterans. Accessories and apparel include: Patriotic lapel pins, cufflinks, tie-clips, socks, hats and more! Receive a special 15 percent discount on all orders. Bulk orders of 100+ pins qualify for customized packaging.

Place your order today! Use 15 percent AFFN Discount Code.

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